Kotobi Wins the Aleso Award for Best Egyptian App in the Field of Science

450,000 Users and Over 1 Million Books Uploaded to Kotobi in the Last 2 Years

Recently, Kotobi; the Egyptian App launched by Vodafone Egypt won the Aleso Award. The Aleso Award, which is considered the biggest and most prestigious mobile app award in the Arab world, recognized Kotobi, who won under the section; mobile apps in the field of science. Kotobi is the first app of its kind in the Middle East.

Talking about the win Mr. Ashraf Al-Zahary, the Head of Performance and Strategy at Vodafone Egypt, said "We were up against stiff competition, competing against 1,400 other apps from around the Arab world. The win is a testament to the strength of the Kotobi app that successful met and passed all the rounds set out by the Arab Organization for Education and Science. "

Kotobi was first launched in February 2014, and is the first app of its kind in the Arab region. Offering more than 10,000 books from a variety of different fields including science, politics and literature, Kotobi offers e-pub books that offer an exceptional reading experience for users without causing damage to the eyes. The app also offers access to the region's most important newspapers, magazines and articles by intellectuals from both Egypt and the Middle East.

The award was accepted by Mr. Alaa Zaher, Head of Innovation at Vodafone Egypt, during Aleso's closing ceremony, which was hosted at the Arab League in Qatar's capital. "Vodafone is working to further develop Kotobi and we are committed to consistently working to provide our users with the latest updates and innovations. In fact we recently launched a new version of the app which provides new features and options that allow our users to enjoy a real time reading and browsing experience, " said Mr. Zaher.

Today, Kotobi has become one of the most widely used apps for reading and downloading books, not only in Egypt and the Arab world, but also internationally too. Constant innovation and fine tuning of the app has ensured that Kotobi users have grown to over 450,000 in just two years, since it launched. "The rapid growth in Kotobi users highlights the success of the app," Mr. Zaher continued. "The project was first adopted by Vodafone Egypt as a way to create greater access to literature and knowledge, moving away from hard book reading to mobile and smartphones. By moving literature to mobiles, users can stay up to date on the latest literature, and publishings of influential authors in a variety of specialized fields."

Kotobi also offers easy download and a variety of secure payment options deduction from phone credit or bill or via credit card through your mobile. Vodafone Egypt has also worked diligently to protect authors intellectual publishing rights by establishing an advanced technical security system that ensures a book cannot be accessed except by password or read by via more than five devices.

To date Kotobi users have downloaded over 1 million books covering politics, religion and intellectual writings, provided by more than 120 of Egypt and the region's most prominent publishing houses, who publish directly on the app. The new version of Kotobi will also offer 800 free books that cover a variety of different fields.

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